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The clean and simple design is perfect for any rider who wants a lightweight comfortable bar, easy to adjust trim and a quick and easy Safety system.

Bar Length Size :  46 cm - 52 cm


The ON Control system has 2 Bar sizes options to suit your riding style and Kite size. We recommend the 46 cm size for 7.5m and smaller and 52cm for 9m and larger.


  • Chicken-loop: extremely flexible with Spectra line protected by wear-resistant polyurethane tube
  • Quick Release: extremely safe and complying with the AFNOR NF S52-503 safety standard; designed to ensure the solid grip when needed, while keeping as little space as possible. The whole patent was designed to withstand the force up to 500 kilograms. After release, the kite loses all power. The system can be easily re-armed after release
  • Swivel: Above the bar, allows to untangle the lines in case they tangle up
  • Bar: aluminum arms with stainless steel in the middle – a combination which translates into steering precision and incredible strength of the bar
  • Bar-ends: made of soft and tear-resistant EVA foam, which perfectly secure the ends of the bar and cause no damage if they hit you
  • Depower line: single Spectra line protected by wear-resistant polyurethane tube. A reduced cross-section, compared to two-line systems, protects the line against getting stuck in the bar’s cleat
  • Clamcleat – the power regulator: the Clamcleat type cleat provides precise, quick and easy power adjusting while keeping the whole system light and uncomplicated. In addition, above the cleat, there is the possibility to switch front lines to three positions marked with knots, which significantly changes the power characteristics of the kite.

Lines: 14m+8m = 22m

Dutch DDB Dyneema lines are among the most stretch resistant lines on the market. The front lines have a breaking strain of 350 kilograms, while the steering lines, 250 kilograms, with less than a two-millimeter diameter! These are covered with super-durable Teflon™ material, which is stiff, less prone to tangle, and extremely resistant to mechanical and weather damage (saltwater, high temperature and sand).



Color: Black & Red