Details matter when designing a wing. The basic concept is simple. A keel, a leading edge tube, and a canopy to hold it all together. That’s why there are so many wing brands crowding the marketplace today.


So why do some wings cost more than others? Is there really a difference? 

Absolutely! While design is a critical factor, materials matter. A great design using low quality materials will not perform any better than a poor design with good materials. The Flash wing from ON Kiteboarding has both in abundance. 

By selecting and using materials in a very specific way, ON has managed to create an airframe that does not flex under load. Short sections of high modulus fabric are oriented in a way that prevents stretching. By using fibers that are aligned with the load path, a multi section leading edge keeps the entire front edge stable. This overcomes the tendency to stretch, or “bag out” which is the problem that plagues most production wings. A stiff, lightweight airframe is essential to a high performance wing. 


After the airframe, the next most important component is the canopy. A flexible canopy will misbehave in ways that can cause diving, swooping, and flapping at speed. ON uses Code Zero Optic laminate to eliminate stretching while enjoying excellent durability.


Kevlar is used on wingtip for protection and for reinforcement for handle attachment points with 2 separated SUP type valve.

The Wing is designed to take your WingFoiling game to the next level. It"s advanced construction and unique design allow for a faster and more dynamic riding experience, giving you the confidence to push your limits and explore new possibilities.

So if you're looking for a wing that delivers both strength, speed, and consistent performance, look no further than the Flash by ON Kiteboarding . With its revolutionary fabric and cutting-edge design, it's the ultimate choice for WingFoiling enthusiasts looking to take their skills to the next level. Order yours today and experience the difference.