NOA V2 6.5m Wing

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Welcome to the new wind-powered gliding era, that emphasized freedom of movement and simplicity; The Noa series.

Product Info

The NOA V2 has been designed to cover various riding disciplines. Its dihedral shape ensures stability while the high canopy tension insure a powerful and smooth riding experience. It is perfectly balanced so you can focus on riding the swell. It is also very stable for a comfortable free ride session while retaining a stiff tension profile for high efficiency.
The fabric for the Dacron is Teijin and D2 for canopy. The NOA has a pre-load canopy tension enable for on twist air flow for instant power delivery. The NOA has an optimised airframe which results in a stiffer and more efficient wing geometry which gets you going in a few pumps.


 It’s easy to learn and accessible, and compatible on water, land or snow with multiple sports like Paddleboard (SUP), Foil Board, Ski, Snowboard, Ice Skate, Rollerblade, Skateboard…comes in a compact bag and it can be carried everywhere. Attach the leash to your wrist and you go!



One strut design, inflatable dihedral LAB profile, superior light weight series


  • LAB Factory construction
  • Structural T-Frame; the rigid thick profile helps to maintain the structure for direct control without compromising flexibility
  • Teijin D3 canopy triple ripstop
  • two  high volume standard valve connector, no head required
  • 3 Direct fusion control handles with Y handles
  • Kevlar reinforcement; large protection on the wingtip and on each sewing pattern on leading-edge, prevent from fraying
  • Wrist safety leash; comes with every wing, attached to the center of the leading edge.
  • Travel bag
  • Color: Green.
  • wind range 15-25 knots
  • Weight: 2.8 kilos