UltraMarine Ocean - Building community to take action around ocean conservation.

UltraMarine Ocean - Building community to take action around ocean conservation.

Our oceans are in trouble and it is our duty to protect them.

We’re on the brink of shutting off our own life support system

The oceans are undergoing an onslaught from every angle. Global warming and acidification. Commercial fishing operations. Plastic pollution.

UltraMarine Ocean is a commitment to Ocean Action with a mission to protect 30% by 2030. The Ocean Summit, now UltraMarine Ocean Summit, on Necker Island was created by Jeremy McKane and Susi Mai. 

The idea was to bring actionists from all around the world in four main categories.

  • Ocean Impact Investors
  • Ocean Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Policy Makers
  • Artists and Storytellers

Our inaugural Ocean Summit on Necker Island occurred on February 1-3, 2019. Over 70 people from 10 different countries came together not to discuss ideas but to discuss action. Our hope is to make a dent in protecting these oceans each year.

Based on the last extensive study published in Science Magazine, the Oceans could be dead by 2048 based on current rates of exploitation - and since then things have only accelerated.

Together with Sir Richard Branson and a school of ocean friends, we will host an event bringing together luminaries from all walks of life to have a serious conversation about what we need to do next.

Our mission is to catalyze action in an environment curated to form a community of mutual support.

Checkout the UltraMarine Video filmed on the spot a Necker Island in 2019. 

Visit the website here at : https://www.ultramarineocean.com/

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