The NOA WING PACKAGE is the most accessible set of equipment to start wing foiling.

Everything is included in the pack so you don’t have to figure out the best equipment choice. Less than 10 minutes to prepare the equipment and you’re in the water to discover the magic of this sport!!!

Each element of the pack has been carefully designed to boost the learning phase:

  • A stable and solid AIRLITE 110 L inflatable board that takes off super easily.
  • A light and powerfull Wing NOA V2 that accelerates with the slightest puff of air .
  • A FLY HYDROFOIL 1650 s a progressive and smooth take-off that offers a lot of stability.
  • The accessories to prepare, transport and protect your equipment.

The AIRLITE 110 L is the most accessible inflatable foil board there is.

Set up in two minutes with our new double entry foil boxes, you are on the water in no time. The handle and its feather weight make it easy to carry on the beach. Here you are: go !!!

Its moderate thickness of 5” makes it easy to climb on the board. On your knees you have all the volume you need to feel comfortable. The pad is comfortable with a great grip.

Take-off is easy because this shape glides perfectly on the water. It’s stable and reassuring to start tacking, to learn how to pump, and launch the flight. On this gear you can easily save energy to enjoy long sessions and learn the maneuvers.

The magic of flying operates: an exhilarating sensation that you will never forget!

Obviously easy to carry when traveling or on a daily basis, it’s the magic board for a carefree progression. It fits in a bag, inflates in two minutes and functions like a rigid board. 

The Carbon composite plate delivers direct sensations with the foil. The precise steering this allows is essential to progress with confidence. Note that it covers the entire stance of the rider for maximum rigidity.

The Drop Stitch technology in a single PVC layer coupled with the carbon composite plate offers a performance, durability and accessibility ratio that is simply unbeatable!


- Very easy to turn on the water

- Easy take off and powerfull

- Lightweight materials and easy to control

- Excellent upwind performance

- Perfectly balanced for surfing and jumping


The FLY 1650  set will accommodate heavier riders as well as make a great platform for wing foiling. 


The surface of 1650 cm² in combination with the 315 cm² back wing leverages your pumping action while creating appropriate lift and stability at very low speeds, making this the ideal setup for small waves and swell that doesn’t have that lift you see from bigger waves. Easy to learn and really stable foil . 
The takeoff is done like a plane, the lift is very fast And easy.

Can be use from 6 knot to 25-30knots

Precision manufacturing means 100% alignment of the wings and heavy-duty construction.