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Carbon plate US Box to fit the hydrofoil NEED 25mm SCREW MAXIMUM.

Our new AIRLITE SERIES are inflatable foil board 

Combining the performance of the hardboard with the advantages of the new AIRLITE SERIES . These advantages are reflected in the ease of transport and set-up that inflatables offer. This means that adventure seekers can travel to any spot with just one bag (without fear of damaging it on the plane). For us, this is one of the boards that will  change the world of Wing Foiling!

Surfing the swell in a Wing Foil with an inflatable board: it’s possible.

Preconceived ideas tend to associate inflatables with a lack of solidity. And we’re proving you wrong! To design the AIRLITE SERIES, have selected the the best materials on the market,

 Stiffness performance and durability to our boards making your flying experience unique. Therefore, forget the fear of puncturing your board at the slightest impact! They are also much less susceptible to minor impacts than rigid boards, and are generally easier and cheaper to repair. Moreover, in case of a fall, falling on an inflatable board will be much less painful! It is therefore much more reassuring and safe for novices.

The Drop Stitch technology used makes it possible to offer a board with a shape close to that of rigid boards. The shape, contours and curve have been extensively studied to provide the most efficient glide. Can be used for freeriding and is suitable for all levels and sizes.

Come with travel bag ,pump and repair kit and leash

*There's a natural convex zone on the bottom of the board. That's the opposite inflating valve on top of the board. It dosent affect the performance of the board.